Our company at
a glance
The Mill Company is activated to the olive oil production unique for its quality, following a long tradition since 1951. The initial, old and primitive establishments were replaced by a modern mill (oil press), which is placed in a charm natural environment of Kylliniís Castle.

Olive Mill Upgrades

1951 -
Startup traditional way of extraction. Operating License.
1967 -
First improvement. New standard press machine in operation help us to improve our olive oil quality.
1981 -
Second improvement. Purchase of new centrifugal separator. The improvements and modifications give us better olive oil quality, output and speed.
1992 -
Third Improvement. Purchase of new modern centrifugal separator.
2001 -
Fourth improvement.
2010 -
Fifth improvement. Purchase of the famous WESTFALIA separator and new packaging service now is available.
Olive Mill installation
In our modern facilities of our company is operating an independent industry since 1951, well equipped, where is given the possibility of monitoring and control at the stages of production process..
olive oilcharacteristics
Coroneanís variety extra virgin olive oil famous for its emerald colour and distinct and fruitful flavour, excellent variety of Coronean olives, well known in the world for its golden green colour
In terms of continuous and increased demands and needs for the highest and safest product, our Mill( oil press) has a unique system of preserving foods and is awarded with the ISO 22000: 2005